Memorial Weekend

We decided a bit last minute to head over to Charleston, SC, for Memorial weekend. My brother, Rhet, and his family live there, and we decided it was perfect timing to go visit. So, on Friday, we packed up and headed over. Jada had requested that we go to the beach for the weekend, so we thought Charleston, and cousins, was the perfect compromise. The kids LOVE visiting their cousins.

Michael spent Saturday morning helping Rhet plant some trees while I slept in:) When I finally got up, we packed up and headed to the beach at Isle of Palm. It was REALLY hot and humid so I was sure we wouldn't last very long at the beach, but it ended up being perfect.

There was the perfect amount of wind (in my opinion) that brought the temperatures down. It also ended up being overcast, so between the two . . . what I thought would be maybe an hour at the beach turned into over 5!

The kids had a blast catching fish with Michael, digging in the sand, eating snacks, riding the waves, and playing on the beach. It was perfect.

I think 5 hours was a little more than these kiddos could handle:) They all passed out almost as soon as we got in the car. I'll take that as a sign that they had their maximum amount of fun. Win for me!

 The aftermath:( I promise I applied sunscreen. I just failed to REAPPLY

Jada and Tucker had so much fun playing with their cousins. Jada especially loves doing science experiments. She was so excited when Aunt Jessica got out the "fun bucket". Jada and Ben had a great time together making all sorts of fun.

Memphis is always the life of the party, always saying cute things, giving his flirtation smile, and just being adorable! We sure love our Memphis.

On Memorial Day, we went and checked out the property that my brothers family just bought, "the farm", then headed to Chick-fil-A for some breakfast! Memphis was all over his cousins food, trying to drink all of their shakes, eating their chicken mini's, and stealing their biscuits. I guess our food wasn't as good as theirs:)

After breakfast, we said our goodbyes, and the Tucker's headed back home, while the Jensen's hit the outlets! The kids weren't too excited, but all in all they were great shoppers. Michael and I got some great stuff, and so did the kids. Jada talked Michael into buying her the purse you see in the photos, and Tucker got himself a pair or BR sunglasses. It was worth it. Though, I think once again, we wore them out. Need proof?

 Exhibit A
Please note Memphis spilling their drink all over his lap, Jada looking like she is beyond feeling and could pass out at any moment, and then their is Tucker . . . also looking stoked and happy to be alive.

Exhibit B
About 5 minute after getting into the car and starting our drive home

Exhibit C
An hour or so later . . . 

We hit some crazy weather on our drive home. I couldn't resist snapping this photo . . . Even though the site was kind of beautiful, I hate seeing these clouds in the distance, just knowing you are headed into a huge downpour.

About half way we stopped for some dinner at Diablo's. Michael couldn't stop raving about the food and how amazing it was. Apparently its going to be our new "thing" when we travel to Charleston.

It was so fun to spend the weekend in Charleston. It's always fun visiting the Tucker. We are so glad they live close enough to visit any time we want! Charleston really is a beautiful place with so many places to explore. It never gets old. Thanks for the visit Tucker family. We sure love you!

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