Swim Team 2017

The swim team season started mid-May and Jada couldn't have been more excited! She is a great swimmer and was excited to swim every day with her friends and to compete in the meets. She loves the fun and thrill of the meets.

She has been doing so well. We are so proud of her for all her hard work. She tries her very best, and that is all that matters!

Our 1st Meet: GQMF vs. Princeton Lakes

Our 2nd Meet: GQMF vs. Chestnut Springs

Our 3rd Meet: GQMF vs.Chimney Springs

Tucker got to join Jada at swim practice at the beginning of the month. He too has really been amazing. He can swim on his own and has turned into quite the little fish! I think he is going to rock the meets next year!

Our 4th Meet: GQMF vs.Chadds Walk

Our 5th Meet: GQMF vs. Indian Hills

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