July in Review

Since I haven't been doing so great on keeping our blog up-to-date, I decided to just do months in review to catch up (and maybe for awhile). Things have been crazy around here!


July was a busy month for our family. With only a few weeks left until school started we tried to pack in all the fun we could.


Shortly after our family left from our 4th of July fun, the kids started "Gymnastics Camp" in Sandy Springs. Jada and Tucker had never done gymnastics, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see if it was really something they loved and were interested in.

We joined forces and went with the Munk girls (making it easier for Candice and I since we were able to car pool every day. One dropped off and the other picked up. It worked out quite great. I think I would have hated doing both every day. Especially since pick up was right during nap time) 

Tucker and Annie went from 8:30AM until noon, while Jada and Laura went from 8:30AM until 2. So every day I picked up, I had two hours with Annie and Tucker to kill (and Memphis) while waiting to go pick up the other two. We had fun going to Costco, shopping at the Mall, and most of all, playing at McDonald's, their favorite.

Anyways, Jada and Tucker loved spending lots of time with Annie and Laura, and enjoyed going to their first ever summer camp. At the end of the week the consensus was that while they loved being with their friends, they didn't love gymnastics. They were happy to go to camp each day because their friends were there. (I am so glad we did this so that we didn't waste lots of money and time signing Jada up just for her not to really love it or want to go.)

Day 1 (the first day)

Day 5 (the last day)

On one of my drop off days, Memphis and I decided to check out a new Waffle House that they just opened near the Gymnastics Center. I had never been, and was told if you live in the south, its a must. So, we decided to do it. We became true southerners today:) I won't lie, it was better than expected. Memphis LOVED the orange juice (a rarity around here) and all the fun food. The services was great and we really enjoyed our time there. It was awesome.



After gymnastics camp, the kids had a little break then went to a "British Soccer Camp" at a local church. This was a big win! Both kids LOVED going every day and loved playing soccer. They aren't rock stars yet, but they both would love to do soccer in the future. I was really impressed by the camp and am excited to have the kids do it again next year.

Tucker got Coach Adam (who lives just outside London), whom he loved, and Jada got Coach Elaine (also from England).

I was hoping to sign them up for soccer this fall, but we had a few surprises that made that not possible. Hopefully next year they can try it out for a season and see if it really something they love and can excel at.
Day 1 (the first day)

 Day 5 (the last day)


For the first time ever, our family participated in the "dress like a cow day" at Chick-fil-A and got ourselves from free chicken. I made the kids and I some cute hats, then we headed in. The kids loved it of course (who doesn't love Chick-fil-a) and we all loved seeing so many people dressed up! And hey, now that we have the hats, we are set every year!


We have had SO MUCH RAIN this summer. It has been crazy and annoying. It has been hard trying to plan outings with so much rain on the horizon. One day when dropping off the Munk girls, I came out of their house to find Tucker standing there with our umbrella waiting for me. Apparently it had started pouring and he grabbed the umbrella, hopped out of the car, and came to my rescue. What a sweet boy!


Next up on our exciting and eventful month . . . Memphis is FINALLY potty trained! I was so sure months ago that he was ready. He would tell me when he had to go (before going in his diaper) and even sat on the potty a few times and went. But, I wasn't ready. I knew it was going to be a lot of work and I just wasn't ready. Well, I felt like it needed to be done. So, on Saturday, July 15th, we started potty training Memphis.

I am not going to lie, it was terrible. So many accidents, and so many frustrating and disappointing moments. We would be going well for a few days, then have recession. To top it off, he was TERRIFIED of sitting on "big potties". This was never too much of an issue with the others (they didn't like it but I was able to bribe them pretty easily) so this was really hard for me. It didn't matter what I said, he wouldn't go when we were out. If I tried to hold him down on the toilet, he screamed bloody murder. It was bad. Because of this fear, I was forced to have him wear Pull Ups or diapers when we went out because I didn't want to deal with accidents all over stores or in the car . . . but I knew this wasn't helping the process.

After may great weeks, and may horrible weeks of pooping his pants EVERY DAY, we finally have gotten somewhere. It is now October that I am writing all this and we still aren't quite there 100%. He still has accidents here and there (maybe once every 2 weeks), and still has to wear Pull Ups during naps and bedtime because he almost ALWAYS wets the bed if not, but at least I feel like we can trust him. 

Michael was able to teach him to stand and pee, which was a miracle worker. He isn't scared to go in "big potties" anymore and loves peeing outside when its an emergency (of course he would). But we are getting there. Hopefully the bad is over and its slowly uphill from here. I am hoping we can get rid of the Pull Ups all together soon, but we shall see. At least he goes on his own when he needs to, and can even wipe himself (one of my least favorite things) . . . I'm counting my blessings:)


While on one of those hard days of potty training, I had the hardest time staying mad at this kid. I mean, look at that face! How could I stay mad?!?


For the past few summers, one of my friends created a fun "park hoppers" schedule for anyone who wanted to join in on the fun. Each week whoever wanted to come would meet at a new park around the area and check it out. I went a bunch previous years, but this year we weren't able to make it to many. The only one we made it to was the one at Piedmont Park. The kids loved playing in the splash pad and walking around the beautiful park . . . even though we weren't able to find anyone else who came in the HUGE park, it was still fun.


Our neighbor and friend, Jackson, had his 5th birthday party at Tiny Towne and invited all of the kids the join in the fun. It was our first time to Tiny Towne and the kids had a blast. At the end of our 2 hours of fun, Memphis finally worked up the courage and drove his own car:) He was pretty excited and proud of himself.


Tucker and Michael got to go on a fun Father/Son date to see Captain Underpants at the theater. Tucker sure loves his dad and was so excited to get to spend time with just him.


In other news, Jada lost her first front tooth! She has already lost her bottom two front teeth, but her adult teeth had already grown in behind before she lost those, so we missed the silly missing teeth photos. Luckily there are more to come. On July 21st she lost her first front tooth and has 4 more loose ones!


Between all the camps and fun going on this summer, Memphis and I have had lots of one on one time, which we love. On one particular day, he requested breakfast at Chick-fil-a. So of course, I obliged.


Another wonderful tradition we take part in is my friends "Drive-In Box Car Movie Night". This is the 3rd summer she had done it (if I remember right) and it's always so much fun. This year I let the kids paint and decorate their own cars (well, I helped if they asked) and they really enjoyed that.

But more than making their cars, they enjoyed the actual movie night. We watched "Sing", a family favorite, and Tucker got to sit next to Annie.


Last of all, and craziest of all, Jada started 1st grade on July 31st! (July my friends . . . I can not believe we are starting school in JULY!)

Anyways, she was so ready and excited to go back to school and to be a "big" 1st grader. Jada loves to learn and loves going to school every day. This year she was a little sad to find out that she didn't have anyone of her friends from Kindergarten in her new class, but luckily she is easy going and was excited to make new friends. This year she has Ms. Nix, a new teacher, and is excited for that.

A few fun quotes and memories from this month:

One day Memphis asked me to lay with him in his crib. When I said "I would love to, but I am too big" he replied, "No you're not to big! At all! Nope!"

During prayer one night, Memphis said, "bless us not to punch ourselves" :) . . . didn't know we were having issues with that around here.

 During dinner one night, Tucker said "my belly hurts". Without skipping a beat, Memphis replied, "well then just go lay on the couch!"

That is it for July . . . now onto August!


Family and the 4th of July

We were so excited to get to have so much family come into town this past week! All of my siblings except 1 (we missed you Dantzel and family!) were able to come spent the 4th of July here with us in Atlanta, and it was THE BEST!

Our first guests were my little brother Ryan, and his wife, Meghann. We only got to briefly meet Meghann at the wedding, so it was so great to get to spent time with her and to get to know her. She is awesome and perfect for my little brother. We are so blessed to have her in our family. I am so glad they were able to come and that we were able to have a few days with just them before everyone else arrived.

We decided to take them to the Battery outside the new Stadium. We checked out the little splash pad and were sure to introduce them to one of Atlanta's best, Antico's! To top off the afternoon, we got ourselves some Baskin Robbin's for dessert. Meghann is Memphis's new "best bud". That evening my little sister, Lindsey, and her husband, Kenny, came over and we had a fun game night after the kids went to bed.

Memphis (the raccoon) just chillin' with his best bud

On Sunday, we all went to church together, took naps, hung out, I cut the boys hair, made twisty sticks, and prepared for the rest of the party to arrive. My brother, Rhet and his family, drove in around 8PM, and not to long after, Tiffani and her family arrived as well. By 8:30 the party was on!

We spent the evening, catching up, and just enjoying each others company. The cousins were so excited to all be together.

On Monday morning, the adults got to get away for a delicious brunch at Bantum & Biddy. SO GOOD! It is so nice to have cousins old enough to babysit:) Score for me!

We were sad that Lindsey and Kenny weren't able to join us there, but it was fun to get out together, eat delicious food, and to be able to have some good conversations without interruptions. Oh I just love my siblings and their spouses! I have the best family ever.

After lunch, we headed back and had fun around the house. We went to a local park, had a water balloon fight, some of the kids played in the kiddie pool, and we had a fun family BBQ and movie night. We topped the night off with some awesome fireworks. I nearly died, but it was pretty fun. Jada and Tucker were both scared and spent most of the time in the car, but Memphis was loving it and even got to help Aunt Jessica light a few! What a lucky man.

On our final firework, it was one of those big ones that shot off 6 aerials. Unfortunately, after the first one, the tube fell over, sending fireworks bursting in different directions. As soon as I saw it tip, I turned around and ran. Apparently as I did, one shot off right in my direction and "was just like a scene from a movie" me running as the bomb bursts behind. Scary! But apparently awesome to everyone else who witnessed it.

My Little Climbers

Michael said that he was going to fill up water balloons for the kids, but when I went to find him, I found him like this:) I think he loves the new swing!

Crazy Cousins!

On Tuesday, the 4th, my brother and his family spent the morning with us then had to head on home to Charleston. Bummer. But not before getting one last photo of all the cousins.

Meanwhile, the rest of us headed over to some friends to celebrate the 4th with a little BBQ and pool fun. We were pretty nervous about the rain ruining our afternoon, but it let up enough for us to have our fun. It was perfect.

We finished off the night with pizza and a movie for the kids. That evening Lindsey and Kenny joined us for some games and fun before calling it a night. It was great.

On Wednesday morning, we had to say goodbye to Ryan and Meghann. They got up early, we said our goodbyes, and they headed back to Omaha. We were so glad they came to visit!

Later that morning, Tiffani and I took the kids to X-Drenaline for a long day of fun. 5 and a half hours of fun to be exact. We took a time out for some Chick-fil-A lunch, then kept the fun going. The kids sure loved it. Memphis had so much fun he passed out after a few hours:)

On Thursday, we headed back over to Battery park so the kids could play and so that the Harris clan could try out Antico's and Fox Brothers. It was all so good. The kids loved playing in the water and all enjoyed the good eats. Tucker especially loved playing with a ball we found and enjoyed trying to get it to stay on top of the water shooting out. It was pretty impressive.

That night after the kids were in bed, Tiffani, Michael and I watched "Country Strong" and enjoyed relaxing.

Friday was another day of fun. Tiffani and family went to visit my sister in Midtown, while the kids and I ran some errands and went swimming with our friends at their pool.  That evening, the kids had another movie night (their favorite), while the adults enjoyed some Mexican take out. Lindsey and Kenny joined us in the evening and we had another fun game night, followed by another movie, but this time it was "The Blind Side". Sticking with the Tim McGraw theme.

On Saturday morning, we had a delicious breakfast, played, helped the Harris family pack, then said our goodbyes. Tiffani and her family headed off that morning, making the party officially over:( We were sad to see them go, but we were so glad that they could come, as well as the rest of my siblings that were able to make it. It was a fantastic week. I can't thank everyone enough for coming to visit us. It was the best!
Matching Dos:)

Until next time everyone! We sure love you all!