Pre-Easter Fun

Some friends of ours invited us to join them at the Smith Plantation for a fun Easter Egg Hunt on Friday morning. While the hunt was very quick, the kids had fun being with their friends, and it was fun to be outside enjoying the sun.

I think my favorite part of the morning though, was watching the kids with this man. While the moms were talking, Tucker and his little friends all went over to look at this big stump. When I looked over, I found this adorable scene. This fun Plantation worker was entertaining the kids by telling them all about this stump, the plantation, and lots of fun stories. The kids stood there laughing and smiling for over 15 minutes. They were eating everything he said up, and loving every second. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!

That afternoom, the kids and I dyed eggs together. They were all really excited to color their eggs. It was pretty fun watching them at work. Unfortunately, mom didn't die enough eggs . . . oops. But they loved it nonetheless.

That evening, Jada had a birthday party, so Michael met me and the boys for some dinner. The boys picked pizza, of course. Not my favorite place, but some of my favorite people. It was fun to go out together with my boys.